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PVC Bags Effect
Jul 13, 2017

PVC bag processing production is usually high-frequency hot-pressing or car line sewing. High-frequency hot-pressing PVC bags, PVC film, PVC Bags through the first sub-cut into the block on-demand printing screen printing (PVC most commonly used screen printing), and then use high-frequency machine and hot pressing, PVC Bags usually need to customize Mold production.

1. Physical protection, stored in the PVC gift bag items need to avoid extrusion, impact, PVC Bags vibration, temperature and other phenomena.

2. Packaging or loading the same PVC gift bag, the same kind of small objects into a package is a good way to save the volume.

3. publicity, PVC gift bags can be placed on business information, PVC Bags play a promotional role.

4. Convenience PVC gift bags may have the functions of facilitating the acquisition, handling, stacking, display, PVC Bags sale, opening, reloading, use and reuse.

5. Partial control, a single package to help accurately control the overall situation. Such as gifts into the PVC gift bag can know the inventory.

6. Safe packaging can play an important role in reducing transport safety risks.

 In our daily life, there are many different bags, such as material, PVC Bags use, style and other kinds of bags, each bag has the life of each bag, some of the material used in different, that its life It is short, so now more popular by what kind of bag is welcome, that is, we pvc bag, we need to pay attention to what time, PVC Bags in order to better save it, today Xiaobian to introduce you.

Voltage PVC bag production method is simple, generally made of plastic plastic bags, and because the use of voltage zipper way, so in use, need to pay attention to some of the details in order to extend the use of as much as possible, according to the size of various plastic bags, PVC Bags zippers The length of the need to be packaged according to the length of the product design, as far as possible than the packaging product size about one centimeter, PVC Bags you can put the product without pulling the plastic bag and achieve the best results.

Each zipper in the packaging products, PVC Bags need to pull around in the top, and after repeated use will cause the top of the crack, so the need to use the attention as much as possible, PVC Bags do not have these problems in the zipper, PVC Bags and at the end can The use of voltage zipper bone, can prevent the use of multiple damage after the situation. PVC plastic bag factory each kind of plastic bags have their service life, PVC Bags and if in accordance with the use of precautions, as far as possible to avoid damage to plastic bags, you can extend the use of time.