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PVC Bags Environmental Protection
Oct 30, 2017

PVC bags are widely used as clothing bags, metal bags, PVC Bags cosmetics bags, stationery bags, jewelry bags and other products packaging. Many high-end products manufacturers will use PVC bags to packaging, beauty products, improve product quality, but the price than OPP bag / PE bag and other expensive

Packaging bags are used for packaging a variety of supplies bags, widely used in daily life and industrial production.

According to the material is often divided into plastic bags, PVC Bags cloth bags, paper bags and so on. According to the use can be divided into food bags, industrial bags and special bags. According to environmental standards, can be divided into environmentally friendly bags and non-environmentally friendly bags.

The development of the bag has gone through four distinct stages: the original packaging bag stage, the large packaging bag stage, the small packaging bag stage, PVC Bags and now gradually enter the new stage of environmental protection (green) bags. With the development of commodity economy, the packaging itself is becoming more and more prominent commodity, it has become a kind of no longer attached to the production of special products, PVC Bags a variety of goods are inseparable from the widely used products.

PVC bag consumption process is not complicated, the ordinary consumer line generally by the rolling machine, printing presses, PVC Bags backcoit machine and cutting machine, mainly through the roller straight stirring, roller rotation and high temperature rolling consumption out Thin film thickness, PVC Bags consumption at the same time and through the printing press in front of the film printed on the color, through the back of the machine in the film attached to the back of a layer of back coating.

This layer of backcoat seems to be a small step, but it is absolutely important and indispensable, it is an important guarantee for the quality of PVC bags.

The backcoat is made of special data, PVC Bags is a high-energy affinity agent, it is because of this layer of back coating, PVC film and tightly in the MDF or other plates together in order to adhere to a long time without opening plastic. The biggest problem with the ordinary paste mask is unable to deal with the problem of film fragmentation.

PVC bags with high-grade matte PVC information from the heat, PVC Bags with a beautiful and durable, the use of lunch, soft, affordable and other characteristics, high-quality high-transparent PVC manufacturing, unique anti-static accessories, bags are not sticky, the use of lunch, PVC Bags work precision Angle without burr, do not hurt the hand, zipper smooth use at the same time long life, sealing pressure tight, not fragile. Is a variety of underwear, socks, document materials, cosmetics, home appliances, home textiles and other promotional packaging the best choice.