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PVC Bags Of The Plasticity
Jul 26, 2017

PVC bags are widely used in clothing bags, PVC Bags metal bags, cosmetics bags, stationery bags, jewelry bags and other products packaging. Many high-end products manufacturers will use PVC bags to packaging, beauty products, improve product quality, but the price is more expensive than OPP bag / PE bag and so on.

In 1845, living in the northwestern city of Basel, PVC Bags Switzerland chemist Sainbo once at home to do the experiment, accidentally encountered the table of concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, he quickly picked up his wife's cloth apron to wipe the table Mixed acid. After the hectic, PVC Bags he will apron hanging to the oven side of the dry, but the apron "flutter" of the sound burned, instantly into ashes. Sainbo with this "major discovery" back to the laboratory, continue to repeat the "accident." After several tests, PVC Bags Sainberg finally found the reason: the original cloth apron is the main component of cellulose, it is concentrated nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid mixture of liquid contact, resulting in nitrocellulose, which is later widely used nitrocellulose The Sainbo discovered the plasticity of the nitrocellulose, and the water that was made with it was not permeable. PVC Bags He was interested in using it to create some beautiful rice bowls, cups, PVC Bags bottles and teapots. He is very grateful to their own masterpiece, but also specifically to write to their friends famous scientist Faraday this unexpected harvest. Unfortunately, Faraday did not care until a photographer's appearance.

In the 1850s, Parkes looked at the different ways to deal with cotton. One day, he tried to mix glue and camphor. To his surprise, the mixture produced a flexible, hard material. PVC Bags Parks called the substance "Parkson", that is the earliest plastic. Parks used "Parkson" to produce a variety of items: comb, pen, buttons and jewelry jewelry. However, Parkes is not very business sense, and also in their own business risk on the lost money. In the twentieth century, people began to tap the new use of plastic. Almost all the supplies in the family can be made of some kind of plastic

Plastic is a very light material, PVC Bags with a very low temperature heating can make it soft, arbitrary made of various shapes of things. Plastic products colorful, light weight, not afraid of throwing, economic and durable, it is not only the advent of people to bring a lot of convenience, PVC Bags but also greatly promoted the development of industry.

According to the material is often divided into plastic bags, PVC Bags cloth bags, paper bags and so on. According to the purpose can be divided into food bags, industrial bags and special bags. According to environmental standards, can be divided into environmentally friendly bags and non-environmentally friendly bags.

The development of the bag has gone through four distinct stages: the original packaging bag stage, the large packaging bag stage, PVC Bags the small bagging stage, and now gradually enter the new stage of environmental protection (green) bags. With the development of commodity economy, the packaging itself is more and more significant commodity, PVC Bags it has become a kind of no longer attached to the production of special products, PVC Bags all kinds of goods are inseparable from the widely used products.