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PVC Bags Production Methods
Sep 12, 2017

PVC bag is a kind of plastic bags, PVC film is processed from a plastic bag.

production methods

PVC bag.

High-frequency hot-pressing PVC bag, that is, PVC film by cutting the sub-cut into pieces, the need to print the first silk (PVC mostly silk screen printing), and then use high-frequency machine hot and cold, generally need to order copper Mold and then to be produced. Hot PVC bag can be pressed into PVC sleeve bag, PVC embedded bag, PVC toothless zipper bag, PVC bag, PVC Zifeng Dai, and other models.

Sewing PVC bag under the printing of good, directly with a flat car or car and other sewing machine sewing machine sewing machine, the general will have nylon zipper and other accessories.

According to the different thickness of its PVC film and the use of different, PVC bags, cosmetic bags, stationery bags, craft jewelry bags, gift bags and other product packaging. Many high-end products manufacturers generally use PVC bags to packaging, beauty products, improve product quality, but its price than OPP bag / PE bag and so expensive.

PVC and ordinary plastic difference

The biggest difference:

1, PVC processing dependence on some of the additives is very large, PVC resin powder itself can not be directly processed into any product, must add stabilizers, lubricants, processing aids, soft plastic products in the plastic is also necessary.

2, PVC resin itself and other general plastic, in the synthesis process heavy, can not rely on petroleum by-products, so it is almost the same as the oil industry chain is not like other general plastic.

3, PVC materials in the building materials reuse is relatively large, because he has a clear advantage, that is, outdoor use process, because of its different decomposition mechanism, its own physical performance decreased to a relatively small extent, and the price is relatively low.

In daily life, people contact more plastic bags (film), the general PVC (PVC) and polyethylene (PE) plastic film (bag), how to distinguish between the two of them, the following summary of several simple methods :

⑴ touch method

Hand touching a sense of lubrication, the surface painted like a layer of wax (chemical known as wax sense), which is non-toxic polyethylene film bags, and PVC film is some sticky sticky.

⑵ jitter method

Hand shake, sound crisp, easy to float the polyethylene film bag. While the hand shake the voice of the low is the PVC film bag.

⑶ combustion method

In case of fire flammable, the flame was yellow, burning with paraffin oil dripping, and the candle burning gas, is a non-toxic polyethylene film bag. If not easy to burn, from the fire that is extinguished, the flame was green, for the PVC film bag.

⑷ immersion method

The plastic bag immersed in water, hand pressed into the water, can surfaced for the polyethylene, sink into the bottom of the polyvinyl chloride (polyethylene density is less than water, PVC density is greater than water; at room temperature were about 0.92 g / cm3 and 1.4 g / cm3).

In addition, you can also take a copper wire, burned in the fire red, and then the copper wire and test plastic film contact, resulting in chemical changes, then dipped in the plastic composition of the copper wire back into the flame. At this time to be carefully observed, if there are colorful, dazzling green flame, then this plastic material contains chlorine, belonging to the PVC material.