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PVC Cosmetic Bag Handmade
Sep 07, 2017

PVC makeup bag is the bag that loads cosmetics, such as: eyelash cream lip color powder cake eyebrow pencil sunscreen absorbents paper. According to the function of multi-functional professional makeup bag, travel with contracted makeup bag and household small makeup bag. The makeup bag is divided into: nylon cloth cosmetic bag, cotton makeup bag, pu makeup bag.

The PVC cosmetic bag is used to go out convenient repair a makeup, I feel put on lipstick, powdery cake and filling water spray is OK, as far as the eye shadow brush and so on should be in the home, such bags won't too heavy, but also need enough.

Cosmetic bags are all kinds of bags used to make up. It is commonly used to carry cosmetic bag, more detailed cent is, multifunctional professional makeup bag, travel with contracted makeup bag and household small makeup bag. Professional makeup bag, function, multiple compartments and storage bags. It is mainly used by professional makeup artists. Travel cosmetic bags are usually portable. It's small, but it's functional. You can put in common cosmetics and toiletries. Household small makeup bags, styles and varieties. Color and quality are also uneven, and more small makeup bags are promotional items for cosmetics companies. A gift when buying cosmetics. The makeup bag can be divided into: nylon cloth cosmetic bag, cotton cloth cosmetic bag, pu makeup bag and so on. A makeup bag is a bag used to beautify your body.

Handmade beauty bags

Material: cotton yarn (yellow, water color) 1 group, cloth (with the edge of the line is good, here use kitchen dishcloth), button 1, sewing needle.

1. Knit two rows of blue line with Afghan needle, and hook 20 needles.

2. Then change the color, use yellow line and blue line, and then weave two lines. And so on and so on, each two lines for one line, and thirty-eight rows.

3. On line 39, start knitting from the second eye on both ends, and one needle at each end. Line 40 is the same as the number 39.

4. 1 injection at both ends of line 41. Also, subtract one pin at both ends of line 42-54. Line 54 reduces to 4 stitches.

5. Cut a piece of cloth that is the same size as that of the cloth, overlap with the fabric, and lock the thread on the needle.

6. And then, as you can see, fold it. When the bag is partially locked, it is sewn.

7. Sew a buttonhole on the lid and sew buttons on the handbag.