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PVC Plastic Bags Easy To Operate
Oct 30, 2017

The coating is a coating process that sprays the paint from the nozzle to the surface of the coated material, where the coating passes through the top-down, and the coating surface is completely covered to form a coating process. This method is simple to use, relatively easy to achieve mechanized production, PVC Plastic Bags easy operation, high production efficiency, but the coating is not smooth or cover is not complete, the coating thickness is not easy. The leaching of the solvent is greater than the amount of solvent consumed by the dip, which also creates safety and pollution problems. Spraying is the use of compressed air in the nozzle of the negative pressure generated by the coating of paint containers from the paint nozzle and quickly into the high-speed compressed air flow, PVC Plastic Bags the coating liquid a gas phase of the rapid diffusion, was dispersed into mist particles Coating, evenly coated on the surface.

The method requires that the viscosity of the sprayed coating is relatively small and often add diluent to the coating. Spraying method has the advantages of uniform coating thickness, PVC Plastic Bags smooth appearance, high production efficiency. The disadvantage is that the material loss is much greater than the brush and shower coating and other methods, and the use of solvent-based paint will cause environmental pollution. Applicable to a variety of coatings and a variety of coating, is the use of the most extensive coating process. No matter what kind of material plastic bags, are the first plastic particles blown into plastic film to further processing.

In the course of the development of human society, the economic form changes with the social productive forces and the level of economic development. In the primitive society, the level of productivity is extremely low, and people can only continue to survive by relying on collective labor, hunting, fishing, and picking. Coupled with the minds of people's minds are not yet perfect, personal lack of knowledge, PVC Plastic Bags this situation led to the original Du in the implementation of public ownership of the economic form of the means of production and labor outcomes among the members of the organization to enjoy. However, with the continuous improvement of social productive forces and the strengthening of self-consciousness, brake production data has become the focus of attention and plunder, private ownership gradually. A clear sign of private ownership is the exclusive economy. People who have long been trapped in material resources will be able to enjoy some of the things as a symbol of their economic strength, "exclusive" to become the most important form of social status, especially in the feudal society, PVC Plastic Bags exclusive I became the landlord class The number of plastic bags.

Since modern times, the level of productivity has been leaps and bounds. Many of the modern industry as a traditional industry has evolved from this period. In the course of the development of these traditional industries, exclusive economy has always played an important role. "The primary task of economic analysis is to define property rights, PVC Plastic Bags and a property system that ensures efficient economic operation should be clear and proprietary." The consensus of Western economists is to define property rights, PVC Plastic Bags And private ownership is the effective operation of the whole society. Based on this theory as the basis of the traditional industries will be exclusive to the economy to the leaching, and at the time under the influence of the times. Get a gift. "Exclusive" so that enterprises with private property rights and resources once let the competitors catch up, PVC Plastic Bags so that customers have a soft spot, irreplaceable. Exclusive economy for the development of traditional industries to bring high profits and vast world. Plastic bags are highly competitive in the market.