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Vinyl Bags Action
Aug 22, 2017

Pharmaceutical polyethylene bag is a kind of pharmaceutical packaging material, which is made of polyethylene granules and is produced in the clean environment by blowing film, cutting, heat sealing and vacuum packing.It is widely used in the transfer and storage of raw material powder, food powder, chemical powder.

The medicinal bags are widely used in the transportation and storage of raw materials powder, food powder and chemical powder due to its excellent low temperature resistance and good chemical stability and electrical insulation.In addition, in the food industry, can also form food packaging containers with cardboard and aluminum foil, mainly obstructing liquid leakage and microbial invasion.

Medicinal polythene bag quality standards: in order to effectively control the quality of the pharmaceutical and food packaging materials, beginning in 2002, the state food and drug administration, formulate and promulgate the corresponding drug packaging materials, containers, medicinal low density polyethylene film, bag quality standard (YBB00072005), strengthen physical, mechanical properties, chemical properties of materials, the control of safety performance.It includes the requirements of appearance, blocking performance, heavy metal content, dissolved content, microbial limit and so on.

The production environment and process of pharmaceutical polyethylene bag: the production process of medical bag is mainly divided into blown film, cutting, heat sealing bag, vacuum packaging.

Blown film: first, open the workshop of air purification system, and the workshop, the operators are disinfection sterilization, make operating environment to set standards, will be after purification of polyethylene particles blown film under a certain temperature;

Cutting: the tube film obtained after blowing film is cut into different size film tube according to the size of customer's requirements;

Heat sealing bag: sealing the film cylinder by heat sealing machine;

Vacuum packing: multi-layer vacuum packaging is carried out according to a certain number of sterile bags after sealing.

The essence of medicinal polyethylene bag is a plastic bag, although the traditional concept of the bag is very simple and the technology is low.But if you want to meet the national food safety standards of the quality indicators and GMP requirement for microbial limit, its production process is complicated, need every production detail considering the cleanliness and the requirements of the microbial limit.