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Vinyl Bags Aggregation Method
Jun 08, 2017

Polyethylene bags According to polymerization, Vinyl Bags molecular weight, chain structure of different, high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene and linear low-density polyethylene, these three types of simple description are as follows:

1, low density polyethylene commonly known as high-pressure polyethylene, because of low density, the most soft material, mainly used in plastic bags, agricultural film and so on.

2, high-density polyethylene, Vinyl Bags commonly known as low pressure polyethylene, and LDPE and LLDPE, has a higher temperature resistance, oil resistance, vapor permeability and environmental stress cracking resistance, in addition to electrical insulation and impact resistance and cold resistance performance is very good, mainly used in blow molding, injection molding and other fields.

3, linear low-density polyethylene is ethylene and a small number of higher olefins in the presence of catalysts polymerization of copolymer. Vinyl Bags LLDPE appearance and LDPE similar, the transparency is poorer, but the surface gloss is good, with low-temperature toughness, high modulus, bending and stress cracking resistance, low-temperature impact strength is better.

Medicinal polyethylene bag is a kind of medicinal packing material which is produced by blowing film, cutting, heat sealing and vacuum packing in the clean environment with polyethylene granules as raw material.

To effectively control the quality of pharmaceutical and food packaging materials, Vinyl Bags the state Food and Drug Administration in 2002, the establishment and promulgation of the corresponding drug packaging materials container-the medical low-density polyethylene film, bag quality Standards (YBB00072005), to strengthen the material physical, mechanical properties, chemical properties, safety control. Vinyl Bags Including the appearance, barrier properties, heavy metal content, dissolved content, microbial limit and other projects.

The essence of medicinal polyethylene bags is a plastic bag, although the traditional concept of the bag production process is very simple, low technical content. However, Vinyl Bags in order to meet the standards of the National Bureau of Drug Quality and GMP requirements for microbial limits, its production process becomes complex, requiring each production detail to take into account the cleanliness and microbial limits of technical requirements.