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Vinyl Bags Tensile Strength
May 25, 2017

Non-volatile water, 65% ethanol, Vinyl Bags hexane leaching liquid and blank liquid 100ml in the pan, water bath dry, 105 Shan drying 2 hours, Vinyl Bags after cooling precision, water nonvolatile residue and the difference between the residue should not be 30.0 Mg 65 ethanol non-volatile residue and its blank residue is not the difference between 30.0 mg, Vinyl Bags N-hexane non-volatile residue and the difference between the gap between 30.0 mg. "Microbial Limit" the sample is pressed on the inner level by the sterilized metal template with the opening area as cm2. will be sterile cotton swabs with sodium chloride injection slightly wet, in the plate hole range wipe 5 times, change 1 cotton swabs and wipe 5 times, each position with 2 cotton swabs wiped 10 times, wipe 5 position $number cm2. After each swab is wiped out immediately after cutting (or burning off), put into a 30ml sterile physiological water cone-shaped bottle (or large test tube). After wiping all the swabs into the bottle, Vinyl Bags shake the bottle for 1 minutes, which is the test fluid. The method of microbial limit for extracting liquid according to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2005 edition of two Appendix Shan J) was determined. The number of bacteria must not be 1000 S.100cm 2, mold, yeast number of 100 S.100cm 2,

"Mechanical Properties" tensile strength of the product to take the appropriate amount, according to the tensile properties of the determination (YBB00112003) test speed (no-load): 300mm Min ± 30mm Min, the specimen is Shan type. Both longitudinal and transverse tensile strength averages shall not be less than 10MPa. The elongation rate of the break is measured by the amount of the product, and the test speed (YBB00112003) is determined by the tensile properties (no-load): 300mm Min ± 30mm Min, and the specimen is Shan type. The average value of longitudinal and transverse fracture elongation should not be less than 130%, and the average value of longitudinal and transverse fracture elongation should not be less than 200%. "Thermal strength" membrane in addition to other provisions, the 100m X 100mm diaphragm Four tablets, will be any two of the diaphragm superimposed, heat sealing instrument on the heat, heat Vinyl Bags temperature 130 Shan $number Shan, Pressure 0.2MPa, time 1 seconds. According to the method of determining the heat-bonding strength (YBB00122003), the average thermal strength should not be lower than 7.0n 15mm. The bag is taken from the hot-fit strength of the bag and the sample is measured by the heat-strength determination Method (YBB00122003), and the average thermal strength is not lower than the 7.0n 15mm.