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Vinyl Bags Widely Used In The
Nov 06, 2017

Pharmaceutical polyethylene bag is a kind of pharmaceutical packaging material, which is made of polyethylene granules and is produced in the clean environment by blowing film, cutting, heat sealing and vacuum packing. It is widely used in the transfer and storage of raw material powder, food powder, chemical powder.

For a long time, antibiotics such as sterile injection powder packaging use glass or aluminum drum packaging, but there is a fragile, recycling difficult and high cost of packing problem, and the emergence of medicinal bag, just solve the problem of the packing. Medicinal polythene bag first appeared in 1992, is made from shijiazhuang yucai pharmaceutical packaging materials co., LTD. And the north China pharmaceutical sterile powder packing in a joint research and development of antibiotics, developed after lots of experiments, named - medicinal low density polyethylene film bag. The appearance of medicinal bags filled the gaps in the country and ushered in the packaging revolution of antibiotic injection powder.

The following year, the hebei medical and drug administration issued the first production license for the national medicine bag for shijiazhuang. In 1994, quality standards for medicinal polyethylene bags were also introduced. Since from 1995 to 1995, the state of medicinal bag production supervision gradually improve, medicinal bag regulatory successively from medicinal low density polyethylene bag registration certificate, medicinal low density polyethylene bag into direct contact with drugs Ⅰ class registration certificate. Medicinal bags are gradually recognized by pharmaceutical companies with the advantages of stable performance, easy to use and low price.