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What Are The Constituents Of PE Plastic Bag
Oct 20, 2016

1, synthetic resin, synthetic resin is the main component of plastic, their plastic content in 40%~100%. 2, packing, it can increase strength and heat resistance performance, and reduce costs. 3, plasticizers can increase plastic's plasticity and softness of plasticizer, reducing the brittleness, make it easy for plastic processing. 4, stabilizer to prevent the resin during processing and use of light and heat in the process of decomposition and destruction, to extend the service life and to join in a plastic stabilizer. Commonly used stearate, epoxy resin and so on. 5, colouring agent coloring agents to make plastics has a variety of bright, beautiful color. Organic dyes and inorganic pigments as the coloring agent in common use. 6, lubricant lubricant is to prevent non-stick plastic molding on the metal molds, at the same time make the plastic surface is smooth and beautiful. Common lubricants include stearic acid and its salts of calcium and magnesium. 7, antioxidant